Suganorm – can it really help diabetics? Your reviews regarding the product

Is the diabetes problem serious? Unfortunately, yes and there is absolutely a good reason why today it is called the disease of the 21st century, which with each successive year “is spreading more and more destruction.” This is well confirmed by numerous statistical surveys that are carried out regularly by various organizations.

For example, in 2013, over 8% of the entire adult population in the world suffered from diabetes [1]. When translated into a specific number, it comes to over 370 million people. Just a year was enough to increase the number of sick people to over 380 million. Even worse, it is estimated that a large portion of the population has diabetes, but they have no idea about it. Although much is said about preventive examinations, few people decide to go through them. When symptoms appear, it’s usually too late for serious treatment. By then, diabetes has managed to cause irreparable damage, so the treatment consists mainly in slowing down the process of further destruction.

Against this background, USA or any other country does not look much better. The company called NATPOL conducted a special study of this issue in 2002. At that time, it was estimated that approximately 5.6% of the adult population of our country was struggling with diabetes. In 2013, similar research was carried out by professor T. Zdrojewski. His results once again showed that about 5.6% of the population suffered from diabetes. According to CSO data from 2016, there were over 2.1 million people suffering from diabetes in Poland at the time. These results do not include diabetes cases that have not been diagnosed, but it is estimated that there are a lot of them.

Unfortunately, various estimates do not look optimistic. Both from the perspective of the entire world and of our country only, it is forecast that it will get worse every year. In 2030, in Poland alone, as much as around 10% of the adult population may have diabetes. What is this disease, though, and why is it considered so dangerous?

What is diabetes?

Diabetes a disease not to be trifled with. It is estimated that every 6 seconds one person in the world dies because of this very illness [2]. This disease is currently divided into two categories, i.e. type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. In the first case, the pancreas stops working properly [3].

It produces too little insulin (or not at all) and therefore the body is unable to control the level of sugar in the blood. In type 2, the pancreas works properly, but for some reason the body does not respond to insulin. Very often, the reason for this is being overweight, poor nutrition or unhealthy lifestyle. Type 2 is the most dangerous here, as nearly 90% of all sick people struggle with it.

Why is it so dangerous? Insulin plays an extremely important role in our body. Its task is to convert sugar in the blood into glucose. It is the main nutrient of all the cells in our body. Glucose provides energy – which is necessary for life. It is easy to guess, then, what happens when there is no insulin, or too little of it, or when it is not accepted by the body. Then literally the cells of our body begin to starve.

The body, in the literal sense of the word, begins to eat itself. One of the main symptoms of diabetes is rapid weight loss, tremendous appetite and thirst. When cells do not receive glucose, the use of energy supplies accumulated in fat begins. Hunger is the body’s defensive response – this is how an attempt is made to supply glucose; an attempt that will fail anyway. On the other hand, massive mobilization of energy reserves accumulated in fat leads to excess glucose. The body needs to get rid of a part of it, and it needs … water. Thanks to water, glucose is dissolved and excreted in the urine – hence greater thirst.

What happens next if the disease is neglected? The treatment consists primarily in providing insulin to the body so that it can work properly. When this is not done, the cells simply gradually die of malnutrition. Thus, diabetes destroys our body comprehensively, attacking all senses and organs, directly threatening life itself. It absolutely cannot be underestimated. Of course, regular preventive examinations are the basis. However, once diabetes is diagnosed, treatment should begin as soon as possible.

Intravenous insulin administration is the final stage of the disease when the pancreas has completely stopped functioning. In earlier stages, one can stimulate the organ to work and try to regenerate it, so as not to become dependent on the hormone. One way to do so is to use the SugaNorm supplement. How does it work and what does the manufacturer guarantee?

What product is this and why was it created?

As the manufacturer assures, the supplement has a multi-faceted effect. Not only does it normalize blood sugar levels, but also supports the regeneration of the pancreas. The normalization of digestion and metabolism processes facilitates glucose absorption, and, additionally, its ingredients increase the efficiency of natural insulin production.

Of course, it should be remembered that diagnosing diabetes should always involve a medical consultation. We absolutely do not support any attempts to treat oneself. The disease is too dangerous for one’s health, and supplementation is only to support the person on the way to recovery. Of course, taking SugaNorm should be associated with a change in diet. One should give up junk food, work towards proper weight and exercise a lot.


Direct info from the distributor:

Volume: 20 capsules.

Mode of application: 1 capsule of SugaNorm shall be used 1-3 times per day (before meal). The full course requires 4-6 packages.z

Possible side effects?

The manufacturer of SugaNorm guarantees its customers that this product is completely safe for health. This is mainly due to the fact that its composition consists only of products of natural origin. However, the company boasts that this dietary supplement has undergone numerous clinical tests and obtained a very good result. Of course, the condition of the safety guarantee is using the original product, available on the company’s official website.

Composition of the product

Sprulina Powder regulates carbohydrate metabolism, has a strong sugar-reducing effect. A marked anti-inflammatory action is noted, its use is especially effective in any inflammatory processes of the urogenital system.

Turmeric Powder the plant has a chemically rich composition which boosts metabolic process in body, reduces blood glucose level, decreases bad cholesterol content, and most importantly – enhances the state of blood vessels.

Cinnamon is rich in essential oils, tannins, contains aldehyde and other substances. Cinnamon has numerous benefits in diabetes mellitus, of which the blood sugar reducing is the main one.

Ampalaya & Banaba Powder produce overall strengthening, deeply purifying, anticarcinogenic, antibacterial and antioxidative effects on the body. Normalizes high blood glucose level in diabetes mellitus, purifies blood, helps to eliminate toxins.

Insulin Plant Powder reduces the blood level of bad cholesterol and enhances lipid metabolism, activates liver enzyme production and is involved in hepatic toxicity elimination. Belongs to remarkable haemocatharsic agents, has a beneficial effect on the function of the pancreas and liver, stimulates the digestion process, enhances metabolism.

Users’ reviews?

Are you wondering now whether this product is enjoying great confidence in the market? We were also curious about it and that’s why we looked very closely at the reviews about it. These have left no doubt – SugaNorm is really widely praised by people who decided to buy this supplement.

For people from the philippines only:

Suganorm – today 30.05.24 discount -50% cheaper

Most often, the comments mention very fast action, which consists in improving metabolism and normalizing blood sugar levels. Many people also praise better mood and more vitality, which promotes physical activity. However, it is difficult to find more serious information on the negative effects of the supplement. Perhaps it confirms that this supplement is actually safe for health.

Possible substitute?

We would like to take this opportunity to emphasize that there is no proven substitute for SugaNorm on the market. This means that other products may look similar, but their performance is unlikely to be as good as that of the original. We warn against buying this type of medical products from unverified sources. Health should be of the greatest value to everybody and you definitely can’t scrimp on it.

The price. Where can you buy this product for cheap?

What does SugaNorm look like in terms of price? At first glance, it may seem expensive or even very expensive. The base price of the supplement is about 80USD – and only for 30 tablets. This package is enough for about a 2-week treatment.

Fortunately, though, you can save a lot. This medical product is sold only on the manufacturer’s official website.

You can often find discounts there that reduce the supplement’s price even by up to 50%. It’s simply worth checking the site regularly.

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Suganorm - reviews:

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