Maral Gel – does it really work the way the manufacturer ensures? Your reviews and information on effectiveness (or its lack)

The size of the penis is very important to virtually every guy. Although it is widely claimed that size does not matter, the main problem lies in our psyche. Guys feel more masculine knowing that their penis is much longer than the average value for the whole population.

In some cases, this problem is really serious. The belief that one’s penis is exceptionally small can even lead to avoiding intimacy. Many men are ashamed of what nature has equipped them with. They are embarrassed to undress around women, and this usually leads to avoiding an intercourse completely. It is unhealthy, and, in addition, it only exacerbates serious mental issues.

How to deal with this? For example, by using methods aimed at enlarging one’s penis. Theoretically, it can be done surgically, but we do not recommend such a step to anyone. Each plastic surgery carries the risk of serious health complications, and the cost of such surgery is not small, either. Dietary supplementation is the second solution. However, we know from our experience that products of this type simply do not bring satisfactory results. While they deal with sexual potency problems, unfortunately the penis size remains unchanged.

However, there is one more method that we will consider a little closer today. The Maral Gel product was created based on natural ingredients, but it is not just another supplement. It’s a cream that should be thoroughly rubbed into the penis. What is the effect supposed to be? Of course, penis enlargement, but the benefits are not expected to be limited to just that. What exactly is this product, what effects does the manufacturer guarantee, and is its use safe? We have the answers!

What product is this?

Let’s start with what this product really is. Maral Gel is nothing but cream in the form of gel that you need to rub directly into the penis. As the manufacturer assures, over 7,000 men have tested it all over the world, and the vast majority of them were satisfied with its effects. What is supposed to make it unique on the market is excellent absorption. The company boasts that its product penetrates the skin much more effectively than classic creams. This is supposed to be the secret of its results. What should it help with, though?

We have already mentioned penis enlargement before. The manufacturer really guarantees a lot here – a penis that is twice as large, both in terms of length and girth. However, it turns out that this is not all. Using this gel regularly, you can count on:

  • a marked improvement in potency, including a significant increase in intercourse length,
  • improving the quality of semen.

It is worth emphasizing here that the company guarantees that its product is completely natural. This gel was prepared based on the following ingredients:

  • maral extract,
  • ceanothus root extract,
  • ginger extract,
  • mint extract.

Each of these ingredients is really well known to natural medicine. Maral is a perennial plant that grows mainly in Siberia, Central Asia and northern Mongolia. Already in the nineteenth century it was noted that the extract of this plant stimulated the work and growth of muscles. It is known today that the ingredients it contains stimulate the central system very effectively.

From the point of view of this product, however, the most important thing is that they regulate blood pressure and enlarge peripheral vessels. The inside of the penis is filled with cavernous bodies. Thus, the size of the organ really depends on blood pressure and how much of it can flow into its interior. Therefore, improving pressure and increasing the capacity of peripheral vessels are of great importance.

Ceanothus, and more specifically the extract from the root of this plant, really supports the maral described earlier. In natural medicine, it is often used as great support for the body against various bacterial infections. At the same time, however, the extract of this plant improves blood supply and normalizes blood pressure.

Ginger, on the other hand, is an ingredient certainly well known to every person with a passion for cooking. This is a popular, very aromatic spice, which, however, is widely used in natural medicine. Ginger has plenty of health benefits, but in this particular case one thing is most crucial – ginger being an aphrodisiac. Ginger can often be found, for example, in elegant cosmetics from Asian countries. Its presence in the composition of the gel can increase the libido and thus improve the man’s sexual abilities.

The impact of mint certainly does not need to be explained to anyone. It is thanks to this herb that the gel can actually guarantee a longer intercourse. Mint guarantees pleasant cooling and gentle anesthesia. The gel-coated penis becomes less sensitive to external stimuli. It is quite possible that this is where the secret of the action related to extending an intercourse is hidden.


How should the Maral Gel be used? The most important thing here is to stick to all of the manufacturer’s instructions very closely. This product can actually be used in two basic ways.

The first is additional support right before the intercourse. It is enough to thoroughly rub in a small amount of the product about 15 minutes before the intercourse. The manufacturer guarantees that thanks to this the erection will be stronger and the intercourse itself will be significantly longer.

If you count on a longer penis, you need to show some patience. In this case, the gel should be applied to the penis twice a day for a minimum of 2 weeks. As the company assures, after this time the effects of enlargement should really be very visible. However, it must be remembered that a lot depends on the individual predispositions of the body. If after this time the penis size is not satisfactory, the application can be continued, but not exceeding two doses per day.

Possible side effects?

The use of this product is supposed to be completely safe primarily due to its natural composition. We described it in detail earlier, so you can easily familiarize yourself with it now. However, the company guarantees that the gel has undergone very rigorous clinical trials and received a positive assessment. Its use should not cause any allergies or irritations. Its ingredients are to be safe also for women who for obvious reasons will come into contact with the gel during the intercourse.

Users’ reviews?

Is the product praised by its users? It turns out that it has been gathering really good reviews. It has been available on the market for a very long time and therefore there is no problem finding a lot of valuable information about it.

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The vast majority of men notice, above all,  visible lengthening of the intercourse and strengthening of erections. Many people, however, confirm that after extended use the penis is actually larger. It becomes not only longer, but also much thicker. Some people even mention an extra 4 cm! It is difficult to find any reliable information related to unpleasant side effects of using this gel.

Possible substitute?

Is this product unique on the market? In our opinion, rather yes, and looking for its substitute doesn’t make much sense. It is hard to look for products with similar effects and in the same form. What’s worse, many gels and creams include a lot of ingredients of chemical origin that do not necessarily have to be safe for us. The manufacturer himself emphasizes on his official website that the formula is unique. The ingredients in the right form are perfectly absorbed and thus work even more effectively.

So, if you count on satisfactory results, we really advise you not to look for anything cheaper on the market. In this case, you are at least sure that the product has a natural composition and, hence, is completely safe.

The price

We have probably reached the least pleasant moment – the price. We honestly admit that the Maral Gel is a product from a higher price range. On the other hand, the company guarantees that one package will be sufficient for a full course of treatment. Also, remember that plastic surgery is much more expensive and very dangerous. On the other hand, special dietary supplements are much cheaper, but their effectiveness leaves much to be desired.

However, you do not have to decide to buy it at the drop of a hat. Our observations show that the manufacturer very frequently launches promotional campaigns. How much can you save? We even managed to find an offer with a 50% discount. It’s worth just visiting this site and hunting for an interesting deal.

Where can you buy it?

You have to buy Maral Gel on the manufacturer’s global official website.

There is no other option, as the company itself emphasizes that it does not conduct any additional distribution. What is the reason for this?

If you believe the assurances, it’s about giving customers the guarantee that the product is original and safe for health. So, beware of suspicious offers from other sites – these may be low-quality counterfeits!

Maral Gel - reviews:

  1. Are there any people here who decided to use this gel? If so, please say something about the effects because I’m very curious about them. The price is rather high and I don’t want to buy it blind…

  2. ordering in this store do you have to pay in advance or on delivery, does anybody know?

  3. hi, how long did you wait for the delivery of this gel???

  4. Maral Gel – today 14.07.24 -50% cheaper (worldwide)

  5. Hey, what are the payment options in this manufacturer’s store? I can’t find this information anywhere, and it’s very important to me. Help me, please!

  6. After apply maral gel , need wash with water before sex ?

    1. After apply maral gel need wash with water before sex?

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  8. are the results permanent

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  10. Are the results permanent?

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