Dietonus – does it really allow you to fight excess weight effectively? Your reviews and views on the subject

To most of us it seems that losing weight is primarily about finding the right diet and sticking to it for an extended period of time.

As a result, we devote hours to browsing the internet in search of various nutritional options, which right off the bat is not a good solution, because the regimen should be developed by an experienced dietitian. Apart from this important fact, even while eating a lot healthier, we may not be able to see the effects of our sacrifices.

This is due to the individual predisposition of the body in regard to metabolism, which is largely dependent on our lifestyle: constant stress, short and irregular sleep, lack of exercise, the use of stimulants. It is everyday life in the modern world and it is this everyday life that can block our body’s ability to burn fat.

You can help yourself through proper supplementation and that is why today we will have a closer look at a product called Dietonus, which, according to the manufacturer, is the best “weapon” to fight fat.

What is it?

Dietary supplement Dietonus is undoubtedly a rather unique solution on the market, because instead of the standard system based on taking one capsule a day, we have here as many as 3 different capsules, each designed for a different time of day and offering a different composition. What are the advantages of using this product?

In a nutshell, the manufacturer guarantees that with regular use, metabolism is improved, and all negative effects of an irregular lifestyle are gradually eliminated.

Therefore, barriers to fat burning created by low quality sleep or a lot of stress are removed. These are aspects of our lives that, even with sincere intentions, are difficult to eliminate. Little sleep and stress are associated with work, with financial issues or family problems, and often we are not able to just change it.

What we think is the most interesting, the manufacturer guarantees that the effects of these capsules will be visible regardless of the diet we follow and whether we even resort to any kind of physical activity. In our opinion, though, one must treat these assurances somewhat cautiously.

To achieve really good results in regard to weight loss, however, you have to approach a dietitian for a solid food plan and organize your time each day in such a way as to find at least a moment for some activity. Even a daily, longer walk with a dog is really healthy and helps in slimming.

How to use it?

We have already mentioned that the dietary supplement is based on a set of 3 capsules and, after opening the box, everyone will immediately be struck by the fact that we have blister cards with the product in 3 different colors. White, red and blue capsules are marked with colors for a reason. This is to facilitate the correct dosage, as we take them at certain times of the day.

We use the white capsule in the morning to encourage the organism to effectively remove fat from the body, including through its oxidation and easier release from the cells. We use the red capsule at noon and its most important task is to reduce one’s appetite and accelerate metabolism, according to the manufacturer’s assurances even up to 150%.

We take the blue capsule in the evening, preferably shortly before falling asleep. It cleanses the body, and, in addition, it is to activate the mechanisms that support fat burning also during sleep.

Their composition includes respectively:

White capsule (in the morning)

  • caffeine;
  • synephrine;
  •  turmeric;
  • ginseng;
  • guarana.

Red capsule (noon)

  • bromelain derived from pineapple fruit;
  • 5-hydroxytryptophan amino acid;
  • Korean forskolin from Asian nettle;
  • L-carnitine;
  • piperine.

Blue capsule (evening)

  • Malabar tamarind extract;
  • mulberry extract;
  • spirulina;
  • valerian;
  • nettle extract.

This regimen should become our routine, as the supplement should of course be taken regularly over several weeks to obtain satisfactory results.

Side effects?

Are you wondering if these capsules can be used safely? Well, the composition listed by the manufacturer looks very natural, but to all this we need to add all the guarantees that we get from the company.

According to these assurances, the product is to be 100% safe for health, not causing not only negative reactions of the digestive system, but also no allergies or sensitization symptoms.

Interestingly, on its website the company boasts a study conducted on a group of 10,000 people. According to the presented results, practically all participants showed a significant acceleration in metabolism and weight loss from 3 kg to 7 kg after just one week of regular use. According to these studies, the weight remains unchanged even 6 months after the treatment and the entire weight loss process are over.

Reviews and results of the product’s use

Opinions prevalent on the internet are rather flattering for this product. People primarily praise the improvement of metabolism, cleansing of the body and reduced appetite. The information about quicker dropping of the unnecessary kilos is confirmed, although it usually takes longer than 7 days. In our opinion, however, the results of Dietonus depend to a large extent on physical activity and on the diet. It is worth making the effort, because this dietary supplement simply acts as support for our activities.

What is the price of the capsules and where to buy them?

If you are interested in making the purchase, which of course you have to consider carefully, we warn you against looking for these capsules in brick-and-mortar or online stores.

Only the manufacturer’s website is the official distribution point of the Dietonus supplement and it is worth keeping this in mind. The company itself emphasizes that it does not carry out any additional distribution, so products ordered from other sources may be a simple counterfeit.

On the other hand, it is difficult to write something about the price, because it varies a lot. At present, the manufacturer has discounted this product by as much as 30%, so it is the right time to place an order. However, it is best to check the current price simply by going to the company’s website.

Dietonus - reviews:

  1. you can feel like you are in matrix, take a blue one or a red one and float away 😀 But in all seriousness, has anybody used this combination of ingredients and can confirm its efficiency?

  2. Not bad but why just on the manufacturer’s website? Is there really no option to order this product a bit cheaper, maybe in some stores with supplements? Does anybody know, or has heard something, or maybe bought it somewhere else?

  3. one thing intrigues me: how long should such a treatment be to achieve what the manufacturer seems to guarantee?

  4. how to lose weight without working hard, in a word 😀 It’s quite interesting and I admit, I’m super curious about your opinions regarding this product, maybe someone has already bought into it.

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