Vanefist Neo – is it worth buying a slimming and detoxification supplement? Your reviews

Grueling training in the gym, healthy and light meals, and alcohol withdrawal do not bring the intended results in terms of weight loss?

A lot of people are currently struggling with this problem. Excess weight became known as a civilization disease a long while ago and, unfortunately, this phenomenon is constantly expanding. Despite strenuous efforts, many people do not experience large weight loss. If it lasts too long, there is discouragement and loss of self-confidence. This is the main reason why so many people give up, slowly accepting their unattractive figure. Can this be remedied, though?

This is how we got to the topic of dietary supplements, because this is what is supposed to be today the miraculous solution to the problems of overweight. Their popularity in recent years has been huge. We often buy supplements completely uncontrollably. We see enticing advertising on TV, we run to the store to get the product and quickly face reality – it doesn’t work! The problem is excessive faith. If the supplement is good, it will help, but it won’t do everything for us. You can’t lose weight without some sacrifices, and supplementation can only support this process.

It is worth checking out the Vanefist Neo supplement then. According to its manufacturer, the main culprit of excess weight are toxins and their removal is supposed to speed up the weight loss process; is it really so?

What is it?

The product we mentioned earlier is – or rather is supposed to be according to the manufacturer’s assurances – a 3-stage solution to problems with slimming. The product is to work gradually, helping to improve the body’s own work. The result is to be not only faster weight loss, but also easier weight maintenance after this process is over. The three individual stages are as follows:

– Detoxification

As the company assures, it is the dangerous chemical compounds in the body that are the main barrier preventing fat burning. They disturb metabolism, slow down the body, weaken us and affect our well-being in a negative way. Therefore, the first stage of using the supplement is to be detoxification.vanefist neo package

Fat burning acceleration

The second phase is to start after the toxins have been removed. The body increases its efficiency, and the ingredients contained in the product are to accelerate the process of burning fat tissue.

Protection against the yo-yo effect

This phase begins after reaching normal body weight. Metabolism regulation takes place, thanks to which it should be easier to maintain the previously achieved weight.


Are you now wondering what exactly the treatment using this product looks like? As it turns out, it is exceptionally pleasant. The supplement is sold in the form of tablets and in each package you will find as many as 30 of them. However, these are effervescent tablets. It is enough to dissolve them in a glass of lukewarm, boiled water, and then drink the prepared beverage. According to the assurances, the drink has a very pleasant taste.

The manufacturer recommends using one, maximum two tablets each day. It is best to simply prepare this drink every morning. When using one tablet a day, one package will be enough for the whole month. The treatment lasts until you obtain a satisfactory body weight.

Possible side effects?

The company emphasizes every step of the way that it provides all its customers with a guarantee of safe use. According to the assurances, numerous studies and tests have confirmed that the tablets are safe for health and do not cause any side effects; this is thanks to – among other things – their natural composition, which we will consider in more detail now.

Composition of the product

Garcinia cambogia, water hyssop, green coffee, yerba mate, vitamin C, niacin and thiamine. This is what the full list of ingredients looks like as presented on the manufacturer’s website. You can see at first glance already that these are products of natural origin that should be safe for us. What is each of them responsible for?

  • garcinia cambogia – is responsible for normalizing metabolism,
  • water hyssop – supports the process of removing toxins from the body,
  • green coffee – accelerates fat burning,
  • yerba mate – another ingredient supporting detoxification,
  • vitamin C – helps maintain a healthy weight,
  • niacin – reduces the level of bad cholesterol,
  • thiamine – improves the activity of the entire digestive system.

Of course, all these ingredients have a much more widespread effect, but here we focus mainly on those that directly affect maintaining normal weight. The very use of the Vanefist Neo supplement will definitely have a positive effect on one’s health.

Users’ opinions?

Relying solely on the information provided by the manufacturer is not enough to make sure that the product is noteworthy, so we checked some of the reviews that users write en masse on various industry forums.

To our surprise, the overall assessment looks really good. Lots of people mention, among others, visibly accelerated metabolism, which goes hand in hand with decreased appetite. There is also a lot of information about how many kilos people have managed to lose within a month. Although this data is not as optimistic as the manufacturer boasts, even a few kilograms less in such a short time is a great success.

The price

It’s time to move on to the least pleasant aspect, which is the price. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem too optimistic, but you have to look at it from a broader perspective. Using promotions, you can now buy one package for around PLN 160. It should be remembered that complex liposuction procedures are much more expensive. The use of pharmacology, in turn, carries the risk of various health complications. Here we get a product which is natural, and therefore safe for our body.

Where can it be purchased?

If you are interested, Vanefist Neo can only be purchased on the manufacturer’s official website. To place an order, simply complete a short form. You can pay for the product in advance or directly on delivery.

Vanefist Neo - reviews:

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