Biostenix sensi oil – does it actually improve hearing? Your reviews, usage experiences

Hearing is probably the second one among our most important senses, right after eyesight; the senses without which it would be really difficult to imagine living.

Unfortunately, though, more and more people experience problems with this organ. According to the World Health Organization, over 320 million adults worldwide have serious hearing problems and over 30 million children as well.

Although this does not seem like a lot with the population of over 7 billion, this data is not complete. It is estimated that even one billion people may currently be in the initial phase of hearing problems, and this does raise some concerns.

As emphasized by the head of Audiology and Phoniatrics Clinic, Elżbieta W., MD, the problem is not that people are born with genetic hearing impairments. The number of such persons does not really change. Hearing problems appear later on in life and they are the result of, above all, exposure to high levels of noise. We live in loud metropolises, and we eat poorly, which has a negative impact on our hearing.

It was not long ago that these problems primarily concerned the elderly. It is widely believed that the first symptoms appear starting around 55 years of age. Today, however, this condition is more and more often affecting children and young people.

Of course, one cannot eliminate all the factors that impair our hearing. While we can eat healthily,  not everyone will be able to move out of the big city to the countryside to experience some quiet. It needs to be remembered that the aging of the hearing organ itself is irreversible and there is no medical possibility to restore the former greatness of this body part.

Therefore, the most popular solution is the use of hearing aids. Although they actually improve the quality of hearing, they also cause a lot of additional problems, which include:

  • constant unpleasant noise and squealing generated by the device;
  • discomfort in everyday life;
  • exorbitant cost associated with the purchase of the device and expensive batteries, which need to be replaced frequently;
  • the inability to wear the device 24 hours a day.

But what about dietary supplements? The market is full of products that are advertised as the only effective and natural way to improve the quality of hearing.

One of them is Biostenix Sensi Oil New available in the form of drops. Can such products actually be effective and can ordinary drops replace traditional hearing aids?

What is it?


Unfortunately, the answer to this question is ambiguous, because on the one hand it is true, but at the same time it includes lot of falsehood and we will explain in a moment what is going on. The Biostenix Sensi Oil New product, which was just mentioned above, is ear drops based on a natural composition (we will discuss it shortly), which, in theory, are supposed to improve the quality of hearing and, in a sense, in this respect the manufacturer is not lying.

Remember, however, what we said earlier. A damaged hearing organ is not fixable, and the only thing you can do is try to prevent further decay. This is how this product works. It is primarily to protect our hearing organ from damage. We cannot, therefore, treat it as a miracle cure because one simply does not exist.

Composition of the ear drops

The composition of the drops includes mainly:

You have probably noticed that the composition of the drops is based mainly on oil, right? Yes, and these 3 components are the most crucial here. We will not delve deeper into each of them because in reality their properties are largely close to each other or complement each other.

The most important among them is argan oil. It has many beneficial properties, not only positively affecting the hearing.

In our particular case, it simply has a positive effect on the blood supply to the skin, on the removal of inflammation and on protection against various factors that can destroy it. As a result, the epithelium in our ears becomes less susceptible to damage, and better blood circulation improves the sensitivity of the ears, making us hear better.

Of course, the improvement does not happen overnight, and it makes no sense to use these drops when our hearing is very seriously damaged. The drops can be treated as protection when the first problems appear and as a sort of prevention, to keep good hearing for longer.

How should the drops be used?

The way in which this product is used depends to a large extent on how serious our hearing problems are. The manufacturer recommends 2 to 3 doses a day, preferably at sufficiently long intervals.

The bottle containing the drops has a special dispenser, which should fairly accurately measure one dose of the preparation. In case of subtle hearing problems, or when you only want to protect it from damage, you can easily use just 2 drops.

However, there is no specific information as to the duration of the treatment. It should simply be stopped when we feel that our hearing has improved significantly. However, they should be used for a minimum of 2 months daily.

Side effects?

Of course, it is difficult to find any risk of negative side effects in this kind of product. The composition, assuming the manufacturer provided reliable information, is natural, so we should not be afraid of problems. However, we do not recommend giving these drops to young children.


Users’ opinions about Biostenix Sensi Oil New are really positive, but of course one cannot trust them completely. However, it seems to us that we have so far provided a sufficient number of arguments supported by medical data, which can be the basis of the claim that the use of these drops can provide positive results.

Where can you buy them and what is the price?

We still have the question of price. We leave its amount to your individual assessment, as a package of drops normally costs USD 97, although at the moment it can be ordered for USD 37.

Remember, though, that when you decide to make a purchase, the orders should be placed on the manufacturer’s official website. This is important because the company itself informs that it does not distribute this preparation through stores. It is only here that we get the original product.

Biostenix sensi oil - reviews:

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  2. does anybody have hearing problems in just one ear? I know the organ is a bit damaged and probably nothing can be done about that, but will the drops really improve the quality of my hearing a bit? And, if I start using them in the healthy ear, will I protect it from damage?

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