Arthrolon – does it really relieve joint pain and improve quality of life? Your reviews and thoughts

Arthritis is definitely not a problem closely related to old age only. Numerous statistical studies show that regular spine and joint pain already affects people over 40 years of age. Often much younger people also face this problem.

Modern lifestyle is conducive to this. We get little exercise, we work a lot in front of computers, we eat unhealthy foods, and we don’t stay away from stimulants. In fact, each of us should take care our bone and joint health, also in a preventive form. How to do it? One of the revolutionary ways is to be the special Arthrolon ointment and we’ll look at it a little closer today.

What is this product and what is it supposed to treat?

arthrolonAt first glance, this product is nothing unusual. Just another ointment to relieve pain and discomfort associated with joint or spine bones damage. There is actually a lot of such products on the market and they have one feature in common: all of them only mask the problem. Analgesic ointments work, they clearly reduce pain and improve the quality of life. However, pain has its reason. It’s the body’s warning that something is wrong. When we mask the pain, we return to normal functioning and quickly contribute to the deterioration of the joints.

This is where the main difference exists between ordinary ointments and the Arthrolon product. As the manufacturer boasts, the composition has been developed in such a way that it works in a two-phase manner of sorts. On the one hand, the ointment relieves pain and, according to the assurances, it’s supposed to happen the first time it is used.

The second phase, however, is regeneration. The ingredients contained in the product are to retain calcium in the bones [1] and also provide large amounts of collagen [2]. Thanks to this, the bones are to become stronger and the damage to visibly regenerate.

As a result, the product can be used not only by those who are already struggling with pain. It is also recommended as a preventive product, so it is recommended for people who are young or very active physically. Its use is in this case is to reduce the risk of damage.

How to use it?

Because Arthrolon is a regular ointment, its use is really simple. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, a small amount of the product should be applied by hand to the skin directly above the sore spot. The ointment should be thoroughly but gently massaged in and left to lightly dry for a while.

This procedure is to be carried out twice a day, preferably in the morning and later in the evening. The minimum treatment period suggested by the manufacturer is 3 weeks. During this time, the ointment should be applied every day.

Possible side effects?

painThe company responsible for the production and distribution of this ointment almost swears that its composition is completely natural. This is to guarantee the safety of its use. The company also ensures that the composition has been dermatologically tested, so that using the gel does not cause allergic reactions.

An additional advantage is, of course, the product’s form. It is applied externally to the skin and thus does not enter the digestive system. It’s definitely safer than taking regular medications.

The supplement’s composition

Since the manufacturer boasts so much about the naturalness of this supplement’s composition, let’s take a closer look at what’s in it. According to the information on the site, each ointment container includes:

  • collagen in various forms;
  • pepper extract;
  • horse chestnut essential oils;
  • mint extract.

Undoubtedly, collagen is the most important component of this product, being the main building material not only for bones, but especially for joints [3]. The right amount of collagen has a positive effect on joint flexibility. Although our body produces it on its own, its concentration drops dramatically at around 30 years of age. Most often it is the lack of collagen that causes many problems with the joints.

The other ingredients act as support here, primarily eliminating the symptoms of joint damage. Pepper is known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Essential oils not only cool the painful spot but are also a rich source of antioxidants. Mint, on the other hand, should provide very quick relief from nagging pain.


The producer can of course write anything on his website, but what do users themselves think about the Arthrolon ointment? It turns out that it enjoys quite a good opinion. Virtually every comment mentions its rapid analgesic effect. Many people confirm that with extended use, the intensity of pain decreases, and it appears much less often. Unfortunately, it is difficult to verify information about preventive action. Negative comments, of course, also happen, but they are rather rare.

What is the price and where can one purchase Arthrolon?

If you are interested in buying this ointment, you must remember one very important thing. The manufacturer does not carry out any external distribution. The Arthrolon ointment is only sold on the official website. A special order form can be found there. All you have to do is enter your shipping details and wait for the delivery. The product is delivered throughout many different countries.

The standard cost is relatively low. Unfortunately, it is difficult to estimate how long the tube’s content will last. If this is a lot of money for you, we also have good news. The manufacturer often organizes sales in his store. In our opinion,  buying the ointment even for half the basic price will not be a problem, because even such promotions happen. Just check the website regularly.


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Arthrolon - reviews from the forum:

  1. I’m looking for people who really have experience with this product and can write something that makes sense about it. I lead a very intense life, with lots of sports activity, and unfortunately my joints are already feeling the results. Is the collagen in this product really so effective?

  2. is it really true that you can’t order it in a regular store? Maybe someone has come across it somewhere else? If so, let me know, please, the price at the manufacturer’s store is a bit too high for me :/

  3. does this ointment have a characteristic odor or some pleasant fragrance? I’m also curious if it doesn’t soil clothes, especially the light colors. Let me know if you know anything 😉

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