Bactefort – will it really let you get rid of the parasites? We checked it!

The presence of parasites is inextricably linked to life on our planet. Parasites feed on plants as well as animals and humans.

They’ve been with people since the dawn of time, and unfortunately they’ re a really serious problem today. According to WHO, only 1/10 of the world’s population is not a carrier of any parasite in its body. Where does the problem come from, how do you detect it and how do you fight it? These questions will be answered in the following parts.

Why most people are not aware of the presence of parasites in their bodies and what can be done about it?

The name “parasite” explains very well how such organisms function. In order to live, they simply use other forms of life, feeding on them, and usually gradually ruining them. No wonder that these life forms are so dangerous. In the case of humans, we most often deal with parasites of animal origin, and it is really easy to “get infected” with them. It is not only a lack of proper hygiene, but also contact with animals or people who carry such organisms. It is also easy to do so in case of contact with contaminated water, even if we theoretically do not drink it, for example by spending time at a polluted lake.

The problem is so serious that often people who are carriers of parasites live in complete ignorance. As Dr. Thomas J. Brooks emphasizes in his book “The Basics of Medical Parasitology”, some parasites have become so deeply established in our societies that they live for years without giving serious symptoms of their presence. These include, above all, the human roundworm, which is a very common problem. Its feeding on the human body is most often manifested by such effects as a decrease in appetite, weight loss, general weakness, coughing or increased temperature. As you can see these are symptoms that anyone can encounter and are often simply associated with a cold or a temporary drop in immunity.

Then the parasites aren’t dangerous to us? Nothing could be further from the truth; they are a real threat not only to health but also to life. A good example of this is the case described by Monika Derda, MA, and Professor Edward Hadas. A teenager living in one of the African countries was hospitalized after he had started to have very serious problems with digestive tract failure. The doctors immediately took the boy to the operating table and started the procedure.

What they saw was quite a surprise to them. There were over half a thousand worms in the boy’s digestive system! They formed a huge ball, which effectively blocked the intestinal patency. The human roundworm can be up to 40 cm long. In addition, it can lay up to 200,000 eggs in just one day! Doctors removed the parasites from the child’s intestines, but the body was already full of eggs. After a few days, they carried out another procedure, removing hundreds more worms. Unfortunately, it was too late – the young boy finally died.

This is a clear example that parasites categorically must not be underestimated. How do you protect yourself from it? Adequate hygiene is essential, but it is even more important to carry out regular tests. It is most often fecal analysis – laboratories examine its composition for parasites. If they are detected, immediate steps must be taken. Doctors prescribe special antiparasitic drugs. In addition, however, you can support yourself with dietary supplements that support this process and at the same time are safe for humans. These include Bactefort, which we will now look at a little more closely.

Bactefort – what’s that?

If you believe the manufacturer’s assurances, we have here a natural and safe for health measure, which is to fight against the development of parasitic organisms on many levels. The effects of the Bactefort product include primarily:

  • cleansing the body not only of parasites, but also of toxins and other dangerous chemical compounds,
  • strengthening the immune system,
  • support the proper functioning of the kidneys, liver, heart, lungs and stomach (these organs are always the most susceptible to parasites),
  • protection against future parasite nesting in the body.

The promises are truly impressive, and the manufacturer bases them on the results of the clinical trials that have been conducted. As you can learn from them, all test subjects have been observed to have completely removed all parasites from their bodies. The vast majority of subjects also noticed weakening of digestive problems or diarrhea, improvement of pancreatic function and getting rid of atopic dermatitis (often accompanying parasite carriers).

Curiously enough, the company guarantees that Bactefort can also be used by children. Its advantage in this case is a pleasant taste, very much enjoyed by children. On the company’s website you can also find several important certificates which confirm the product’s release for sale and its safety.


The correct dosage of such products is an absolute must and therefore everyone should read the leaflet available in the package carefully after purchase. The medicine is sold in liquid form. It is recommended to take it twice a day. Add 30 drops of the preparation to the glass of water, mix thoroughly and then drink. The manufacturer guarantees here that surprisingly good results can be achieved after just one month of treatment.

Side effects?

Antiparasitic drugs prescribed by doctors are usually effective, but unfortunately, they can have a negative impact on human health. Headaches and dizziness, vomiting or deterioration of the state of the liver are frequent side effects of their use.

In the case of Bactefort, the manufacturer ensures that patients do not encounter such problems. This is due to the completely natural composition, which is the opposite of standard drugs and of course antibiotics to fight parasites. The lack of side effects of the use has been confirmed by numerous studies on a group of volunteers.


If the product is to be natural, then what is in its composition? If you believe the information available on the manufacturer’s website, one bottle of medicine contains, among other things:

  • walnut extract – is primarily antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, and additionally removes toxins as well as various parasites,
  • mint leaf extract – improves the functioning of the natural immune system, cleanses the body and has an anti-inflammatory effect,
  • fennel extract – calms, has an anti-inflammatory effect and supports the proper functioning of the entire digestive system,
  • papaya extract – primarily accelerates digestion, but is also known for the elimination of human roundworm.

Users’ opinions?

The vast majority of users of the product Bactefort very much praises its action. There is information that the treatment is calm and asymptomatic, but at the same time very effective. Many people confirm that regular use of the medicine as recommended has led to the complete elimination of parasites in the body. There is no information about the negative effects of the medicine.


Surely, you’re wondering now, will you have to pay a lot for this kind of product? Theoretically, the customer actually has to reach quite deep into his pocket. The basic price of Bactefort oscillates around 358 PLN for one package. Fortunately, the producer regularly organizes attractive but time-limited promotions. We managed to find an offer in which the product was sold at a reduced price by 50%, for 179 PLN. This is a good offer worth hunting for. Remember that parasites threaten not only human health but also life! So, the price should not always be the main determinant of your decision to buy.

Where can it be bought?

Finally, a few words about where you can buy this product. Bactefort is sold only on the official website of the manufacturer. You will find there a short order form. Just enter your shipping details and choose the payment method. When buying in the official shop you can be sure of the product being genuine and, consequently, effective and safe for your health.

Bactefort - reviews:

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  2. how to place an order on this website? Do I have to pay in advance or only after the product is delivered to me?

  3. Hey, has anybody bought it yet? I’d like to read the leaflet of this product, and I can’t find it online. If you bought it, please take a picture, I’d appreciate it!

  4. how much time is needed for delivery and whether the manufacturer gives any guarantee to refund money if the product is found to be ineffective?

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