Artrovex – does it really help to relieve joint pain? Your reviews on the subject

Pain in the joints is a problem that most of the world’s societies struggle with sooner or later. Gender does not matter here, but it is certainly disturbing that relatively young people are also encountering these problems more and more frequently.

There are many reasons for this, and the most prominent ones include stress, poor nutrition and, of course, lack of exercise, which is typical of modern times.

At first, the pains that appear from time to time do not seem to be a great tragedy. One can use an analgesic ointment and quickly restore the full comfort of one’s life. Unfortunately, however, these products only mask the problem.

The joints do not hurt, but they continue to be damaged, which later leads to movement limitations and even chronic pain. However, the solution is to be found in Artrovex, a product recommended by the manufacturer as the best means of fighting not only pain, but also the very degeneration of the joints. Is it really so?

What is it?

At first glance, the Artrovex product does not seem to be anything extraordinary. It is simply a cream that is advertised by the manufacturer as an effective way to deal with joint pain, at any age, regardless of gender.

The main advantage of this product, however, is the presence in the composition of shark fat, which actually can hardly be found in other creams. This fat is not so much to eliminate pain, but rather to affect the gradual curing of joints, and all this due to the special formula PSSJ 800.

According to the manufacturer, it is a solution developed in a laboratory and repeatedly tested on a large group of volunteers, where it showed great effectiveness.

Most products of this type only mask the problem by simply „turning off” joint pain. In this case, however, we have the assurance that the regular use of the ointment will not only temporarily improve the comfort of life, but also nourish the joints, and thus contribute to their effective regeneration. On his website, the manufacturer presents the results of a study which was carried out on 2,500 volunteers. Their results are surprising:

  • all participants stopped struggling with joint pain after a few minutes;
  • after 6 months of use, 98% of respondents had regenerated cartilage;
  • as many as 93% of respondents were healed from arthritis and arthrosis after six months.

These data are surprising, although of course they have to be approached with a certain dose of skepticism, but they certainly give a lot of hope that all is not lost in regards to the fight against damaged joints.

How to use the cream?

Despite the unique formula, the use of Artrovex cream should not pose any problems to anyone. Like with a typical cream, a small amount of the product should simply be applied to the painful spot and then rubbed in thoroughly.

The treatment should be performed 2 to 3 times a day. According to the manufacturer, the minimum recommended period of application of the cream is 21 days. The best results, however, can be achieved when the cream is used regularly for at least 40 days.

Side effects?

In many cases, creams of this type may contain ingredients that are not entirely good for health or even cause various allergic reactions, dangerous to many people.

The manufacturer, however, promises that there is no such possibility in the case of Artrovex cream. This is to be the result of using only ingredients of natural origin that are safe for our body and have been selected by a team of world-class scientists.

The lack of side effects of use is simply guaranteed here, regardless of gender or age, of course, provided that the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed. Naturally, the cream can only be used on the skin and only in this form is it safe for health.

Composition of the cream

What is the mysterious formula PSSJ 800 that the manufacturer praises so much? Fortunately, in this case, the set of ingredients is not shrouded in mystery, and all information is clearly stated on the product’s official website. The core of the cream consists of:

  • shark fat – the main ingredient that stimulates the regeneration of joints, and also treats inflammation;
  • comfrey leaf extract – nourishes bones and joints, contributes to faster regeneration and at the same time improves mobility;
  • glucosamine – this component can be called a natural lubricant, which is needed for joints to work properly;
  • chondroitin – an important component of our cartilage tissue, which thanks to its presence contributes to the regeneration of joints.

You can see that the formula is very natural, and hence, it should be completely safe for our health.

Customers’ reviews

You will probably ask now how true all the assurances of the manufacturer are and whether it is worthwhile to be interested in this product at all? Everyone would really have to find out for themselves about the results of the cream, but you can always take a closer look at the opinions on the web ahead of time. There are a lot of them; Artrovex has been available on the market for a long time, so finding them is not a problem at all.

What can you learn from them? After a deeper analysis we must admit that many people really appreciate the truly immediate analgesic effect, which is already a big advantage. Quite often they also confirm the information that after a longer use of the cream, the pains begin to recur much less frequently.

This may be a sign that the product actually delivers a number of valuable ingredients that have a positive effect on the regeneration of bones and joints. We also did not find any disturbing information in the reviews that would be related to the negative effects of using the cream.

Where can it be purchased and for how much?

How much does one have to pay for all this? Will it be expensive? If you are interested in this product, we recommend that you go to the manufacturer’s store. In our country, only the official Artrovex website is a place where you can safely order this cream.

This is due to the fact that the manufacturer does not carry out any additional distribution. It is a policy thanks to which the company can guarantee its customers high product quality and safety of its use.

The price itself changes a lot. We regularly find promotions at the official store, so the best option is  frequent visits to the website and hunting for bargains.

Artrovex - reviews:

  1. hey, what do you think, is this product also suitable for those very active physically as prevention, to protect joints from damage? Does anybody use it for this purpose?

  2. Is there any contact info for this official store on the manufacturer’s website? I can’t find anything :/

  3. good morning. With the full 40-day treatment, are the results permanent or do you have to repeat the whole process after a while?

  4. Hey, does this cream smell ok, no foul odor? It’s important to me, pity one can’t order a sample or something like that.

  5. Would like to order please

    1. Yes I would like to order Artrovex.

  6. I’m from the Philippines,how much is the price of artrovex cream in peso?how can I order?thanks..

  7. I would like to buy some

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